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Firstly, whassup people !! hahaha. Where do i start? I was born into this world on the 31st of December 1985, yes im stating that, so whoever reads this can start to save up money to hand me gifts on that day. *i ain't kidding* I like spending time with friends doing anything, other than having sex with corpses that is. I like baking stuff, be it cupcakes, cakes, muffins, cookies, and yada yada. Apart from that, i suppose im just like any other person out there. I eat, i poop, i try to sing but fail miserably, i curse, i drive, i always wished i was abit taller, i like eating cakes, hence the fatness, and yada yada, whatever. I like to gym alot, especially attending bodystep classes, yes im a freak at that, i have to admit. Tend to collect useless junk to fill out the already shrinking space in my room. Always wishing i had more clothes. Gadget freak, all the time. Prefer freezing temperatures compared to hot and sweaty places. Sleep when the sun rises, i meant returning to my coffin when the sun rises,Hm...what else, what else. I wished a vampire would come bite me and turn me into one, so i can turn into a bat whenever i want to.


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A GPS device is pretty cool. [Wednesday
May 14th, 2008 at 9:20pm]
[ mood | amused ]

No, i didn't get myself one of those GPS devices that you place in the car for navigational purposes, but i should, at the rate im getting lost or forgetting my direction. But yes, haha, i FINALLY started using my Sony GPS Picture Tagger as i would like to call it, i got this baby last year on the 4th of January 2007, yes i still remember the date, for some odd apparent reason. I got it free when i bought my camera, and it's selling for RM 799 if im not mistaken. Yes, free. WOOTZ for buying electronics from Singapore. It's way cheaper than here plus u get tons of free gifts.

GPS thingy.

So this GPS picture tagger, as i was saying tags each picture that i take together with my camera, all i gotta do is sync the time together for both gadgets, and walla. When i plug the camera and GPS thing to my laptop. All i gotta is tag the pictures myself, and yes. The Sony program that came with this funky cool gadget, links to Google Earth. And i get to see where each picture was taken, the exact location that is. Why didn't i start to use this gadget earlier i don't know. I'm just so glad that i started to play around with it. Here is one of the pictures that i took, and played with the map view.

Initial screen.

Zooming in

TA-DAH !!! The Curve, ar Mutiara Damansara.

I was at Red Box yesterday karaoke-ing with a couple of friends, when i started to use it. It works wonders i tell you. I cam whored all the way back home and took about 10 pictures, and tiny red dots showed up on the screen when i loaded it to my computer. So yes, i plotted myself on the way home. LOLZ, so no it doesn't work like a GPS navigational system. It just shows where am i, and what time i took that particular picture.

If anyone wants to go to Red Box, u don't need an address, here's the EXACT LOCATION OF IT, thru satellite scanning of course.

Latitude - 3° 9' 23" N
Longitude - 101° 36' 37" E

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Alexis-ing in BSC ! [Saturday
May 10th, 2008 at 5:14am]
[ mood | hungry ]

Yesterday i finally hung out with U-nee ! It's been forever since i've seen her, so yes..... I was supposed to head to La Bodega with Dr. Funk, but we ended up going to Alexis in Bangsar Shopping Center instead, it's the best Alexis outlet there is, seriously. It beats the one in the Gardens, Bangsar Telawi, and Great Eastern Mall, so yes. Sat there for a few hours, eating, and chatting. They ruined my diet, but nevermind it was only for 1 day, urgh, instead of the salad that i consume on a daily basis, i had a sirloin steak sandwich instead, but screw it, it was superb, not to mention sharing a pavlova and a tiramisu cake, oh god, it was so eff-in good. Yes, the sliver of tiramisu cake that i put in my mouth, sent me to heaven. Oral explosions. Fireworks in creamery, blissful tingling tongue sensation, yep, that bit of cake made me shut up and slouched down on the chair, and i gave one heavy sigh. Then i farted a bit, kidding, no farting involved. It was just that good, or maybe it's been too long since i had "real" food, instead of stupid green leaves.


Yeah, so it was really fun hanging out there, great environment, and awesome service like ALL the other Alexis provides, but this outlet has a slightly different menu though, a wider selection of food. Well, i would give this place 9.5/10. the missing 0.5 points deducted because the tables in the smoking section were kinda small. Apart from that, flock there people. Fill the place, unless when i wanna go, then i better have a seat, or else imma be flaming pissed ! Damn, i want cake now ! *sigh*

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Greenies are meanies [Wednesday
May 7th, 2008 at 5:09am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

5am, still awake. damnit. It's been 9 days since i've started my diet, and it's going along pretty well i must say, i've dropped 3 kgs already. That's a huge improvement, but the cost of it, terrible. I've been stuffing myself silly with vege's, fruits, and healthy crap. Even my poop is changing colour, ok that's a bit too much info to share here.

Hahaha, so yeah. It's going great, i just had a fat free yogurt, cuz i was hungry a while ago. Im gonna turn green in a couple of days, or grow a cauliflower outta my arm pit or something at the rate im chomping on them greens. Gyming helps as well, i did yoga a few days ago at Myoga, and thanx to that bitch of a friend whose name im not going to mention who said it wasn't tough, I woke up the next day all sore and aching, his name is Adrian by the way, lol. It was fun, but a bit funny, since i don't consider myself a yoga person, or Ashtanga yoga thingy that i participated in, the only good bit that i really enjoyed immensely was the free flow of illy espresso coffee at the lounge area. Sorry Adrian, coffee still beats you. lolz, just kidding ! you're a great instructor !

Im still counting down the days when i fly over to the land of tea and scones. 13 more days, and it's seriously approaching fast, considering i started planning this trip last December. Sigh, Oh, and i've been a clubbing kaki of late. It's been 5 weeks in a row at marketplace, yes this awesome super cool club in..............yeah somewhere in KL, i don't know my KL well enough, and Kate Monroe was spinning last Saturday, and it was super awesome ! i love her, and she's pretty cool and her music is amazing, her transition from tune to tune is flawless, so yeah, she rocks. Thanx to her i became a podium freak. Yes, i was on it for 2 hours. She was that good, she mesmerized me with her music, and to make it perfect all i had to do, was push the lala and ugly people far and away from me, now that's perfection *grins*. Kate looks like an older version of Emma Bunton i must say, without the British accent of course.

Me and Kate, so Emma like isn't she?

Me and Kate again, she gave me some lovin'

Dr Funk, Kate, me and Adrian, too bad this is a little blur, oh well it's taken with my phone

Oh god, it's 5 minutes to 6am. I so gotta crash, have to wake up in a couple of hours to attend the autumn/winter Levis 2008 collection show. Did the similar thing today with Dockers, fun. Free food and free stuff, it's being held at the Eastin hotel tomorrow, while Dockers held it at "The Apartment" in KLCC yesterday, glamness all the way baby. *yawns*

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Yikes ! it's happening in 19 days ! [Thursday
May 1st, 2008 at 7:42pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I can't believe the time is already approaching so soon. From planning stages, to buying tickets and planning where to go and visit. It's already happening. I so can't wait to go to the UK, and France. It's abit scary though, being away from home for such a long time. I haven't been away from home for a long time before. 20 days, it's like too short thinking about it, after planning out my itinerary. But, yeah, i really can't wait to go. Gonna be so broke though, haha i hope my moolah will last me 20 days, plus im going there to get my LV wallet since it's so much cheaper there and on the plus side a VAT of 19.6 percent is given back, so yes......double whoopie !

Yes, so i will be traveling to these places on these days as below, lolz.

May 20th till May 23rd - London
May 23rd till May 26th - Birmingham (maybe heading for Leeds or Warwick in between)
May 26th till May 28th - Bristol
May 28th till June 3rd - Paris
June 3rd till June 4th - Bristol
June 4th till June 5th - Cardiff
June 5th till June 9th - London

Then it's back to good ol Malaysia, land of the nasi lemak, satay, mamaks.

Arghhhhhh so yes, im gonna go there and shop till i drop, depending on my budget, hahaha, and visit my friends. Well, im going to London to pay a visit and crash at my friends place, dearest Rose and Stacy, who are the most awesome sisters ever. Eternally grateful to them for letting us bunk with them, and Stacy who made me venture into J-rock back in college days, lol. I still like Gackt's Another World. So yes, can't wait, can't wait indeed. We will have to go eat kebabs ok ! YEI ! im gonna ask them to speed up the london eye, so it will spin in air, instead of traveling at like 1km an hour. OOhh, and i'll be getting the London Pass to go to places like the Tower of London, the Zoo, St. Pauls Cathedral, museums, and the river cruise and much more.

Then it's to birmingham to visit my aunt, where she will bring us to the Cadbury chocolate factory, oh god, i so can't wait to go there, i will do an Agustus Gloop there, and sink my teeth into anything made of chocolate. Then maybe i might deviate to Warwickshire or Leeds to visit my friend, and hang out and visit Warwick Castle, lol. Medieval times coming to life ! WOOTZ

Then it's back to Bristol where i will meet up with my dear gal Aziah ! can't wait to see her, eversince she left life's been mundane and quiet, i love screaming and shouting with her ! Then it's off to Paris! for a week. Disneyland here i come ! and of course visiting Champ Elysees to buy my long awaited wallet, arghh !! hahaha, then visiting places and doing the touristy stuff, the Lourve, Eiffel tower, Arc de triomph, and a few more museums and stuff. We're also gonna go cycle around the gardens in Versailles. Yippie !!

Then, it's back to Bristol, then Cardiff, and London, going to bichester village for the FOS stores there, can't wait to get my hands on luxury goods for a fraction of it's price, clubbing, going to watch Wicked and Les Mis, makan-ing, sight seeing, chilling, and then i guess it's over.

I just summed up 20 days, lol. I hope i won't be exhausted by then, but it will be so worth it, because im going there with 2 of my most favourite people in the world. Joyce and Aziah, we are so going to scream on top of the Eiffel Tower ok. OH, and we must also take pictures with ALL the disney characters, and buy our mickey ears. Camwhore to the max as well, speaking of which, i so need to buy a bigger capacity memory stick for my camera. Well, this is enough of an update in one post, haha. See ya folks.

Countdown begins.....19 days to go.

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Siberian jewel [Thursday
March 27th, 2008 at 5:00am]
[ mood | loved ]

3 days ago, my brother picked up a Siberian Husky on the side of the road. In the middle of the night, at about 4am, i went down to get water. I saw him sitting outside of the house on the floor, and i went to take a look. He was petting a husky next to him. I was in disbelief, then he told me the story of how he found it.

So that night when my brother was coming home, somewhere near our house. He saw a dog limping on the other side of the street. Then the poor dog wanted to cross the street, but he couldn't cause of the cars. Then the doggy almost got hit by a lorry, then my brother quickly made a turn to the other side of the street and opened the front passenger door, and look at the dog and made doggy calling noises (or however it's called) then the dog just rushed to him and jumped into the car.

Brother brought it home, then the next day my father sent it to the vet immediately, because the dog was in such bad shape. All 4 paws were bleeding, blistered all over, and the hind leg is really bad, and the tail was squashed, about 2 inches from the tip. It was so scruffy looking, because it hadn't eaten in days, and the fur was so matted up.

The dog came back from the vet today, looking all so much better. The vet did a really good job at treating it, it cost my dad 700 bucks though. So yes, i played with it all afternoon till i got to work, which was at 6pm, yes very late. Thanx to the cuteness of the doggy. Hehehehe.

I got back at about 3:30am a while ago. Saw the dog, and i sat down and played with it. I was sitting on the floor and it came to me and started licking me all over, and after a while he started putting his head on my lap and just staying there like that for a while, till it got tired and then lay on the floor looking at me. I just melted and hugged it, and gave it a tummy scratch. After a while i stood up, the doggy stood up as well, and as i walked to the door it just looked at me and whined a little, i just couldn't bear it and i went "awwwww u cute thing!" then i went back to sit with it for another 10 minutes.


Yes, tomorrow he's going for an operation, since his limping leg is really bad. It's infected, and the flesh is really torn. So yeah, it's gonna cost roughly about 2 thousand ringgit. I hope he is ok after the operation. Our family decided to keep the dog if no one claims it, since it doesn't have any tag, no collar, no tattoo and no microchip in it's ear. I've fallen in love with it already, damnit.

ps:i just love his eyes, it makes him so magical.

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To my dear friend, Joyce [Friday
February 29th, 2008 at 5:34am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Ok, the title sound as though you just died Joyce. Hahaha, but no. Sadly, she still lives to haunt the living daylights out of me. She still is very much alive this very moment, most probably at home sleeping, since it's 5:36 in the morning right now. Hahaha, this post is dedicated to my dear Joyce. The one and only crab who is as spastic-cagifragilistic-kiamkanaic-licious as me. Ok, i made that up, it's lame. I don't care, i wanna write that out still. Hahahaha.

So yes....i have known her for hm....8 years now? Yeah, a very long amount of time i must say.

So i would wanna list down the things that we both do often together.

-bitch together
-failed diets
-one day diets
-laugh at people
-spend money on crap and useless things
-eat too much
-curse too much
-rehearse David and Miss Miller phone convo's
-laugh till we get abs
-phone convo's
-secret keeper
-fashion consult
-dreams of places to go
-be spastic

Haih im lazy to list it out already la, too many stupid things we do together that no one else can get. People usually will frown upon the things that we do. Laugh at us but we don't care. Hahaha, so yes Joyce, it's been too long, too long. I just wanna say thankyou for 8 years of amazing friendship.


SO blessed la you Joyce ! DUW u were as blessed as me ?!

ps:Better spend me something expensive for writing this ! sure ego damn kau boost, i dun care ! chicken rice, chicken rice, chick rice !

Don't bother if you guys don't get this, hahaha it's our own language. Hahaha

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Obesity is creeping up to me [Wednesday
February 20th, 2008 at 8:34pm]
[ mood | content ]

I haven't stepped foot into the gym in over 3 weeks, i totally wasted my 175 bucks this month that is going to the gym. Urgh. I now weigh %$@^*&($*(. Not telling anyone, and as a desperation move, im on a diet.

Well, the first meal of the day is the diet part, that is. Hahahha, i just finished my chef's salad and my iced low fat latte. It's so sad ok, i had this yesterday as well at starbucks, Yes, it's been 2 days in a row eating vege's. BLEAH !

I feel so horribly fat, i keep telling myself i MUST gym the next day, and i end up not doing anything about it, giving excuses, hahaha. Tomorrow I MUST gym, lolz ! since it's my offday. So yeah. My face now looks like a puffer fish when it expands to scare off enemies. It's just that i can't contract it, it's always on expand mode. People are scared of me now. I got my first "wah Jon so fat di ar?" a few days ago. I secretly wished he expanded into a gummy bear. I can't though, since he has the body of a greek god, that bastard.

Sigh.....and people say smoking makes you thinner because it suppresses your hunger, it doesn't seem to be working for me. OH, and i just found out a couple of days ago that espresso has the most content of fat in most coffee beverages, and i always ask for extra shots of it when i get coffee, be it my caramel macchiato, mocha frap, or anything ! it's like adding a shot of fat in my coffee, GOD ! i hate it that good food with amazing taste has the highest content of fat ever. Sigh...

I gotta get going now, gonna face more customers at the mall. Oh, and Dockers are giving out free tickets for this guy playing at the Philharmonic Orchestra at the Petronas twin towers, his name is Harry Connick Jr. I so don't give a crap about what kinda music it is, but im going because he is Leo is Will & Grace, ill go all "hey !! where's grace? hahaha, i bet he gets that all the time, and since no one is interested i grabbed 8 tickets for myself for my other friends, and it's all sponsored by Dockers, and tickets are 300 bucks a pop ! i love Dockers, period.

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Wish everyday was like today [Saturday
February 16th, 2008 at 6:10am]
[ mood | tired ]

I think today i had one of the most relaxing day ever in a very long time. Well, not to say relaxing, more like the life of a "datin-ish" person, according to most of my friends that is, lolz. Ok, this will be very short as i want to go catch up on my Will and Grace, since i haven't seen it in forever, lolz.

Got up at 12-ish, and headed down to the Levi's HQ, where i was suppose to attend a meeting and a discussion, which turned out to be pretty cool, well. The thing started at 9am, and i thought it was at 12 noon, so i went there late naturally, ended up there at like what? 1-ish? got into the room and someone said "wah u very early hor?", haha i just laughed and tilted my head back a bit, and when i got into the room, i realized that it was almost over, lol.

Well, i had the preview to the Levi's collection for the mid till the end of this year, autumn/winter 2008. Pretty cool stuff i must say, really cool. Alot of new designs coming in from Japan, and a new range will be launched as well. New colours, and new washes. Can't wait to get my hands on a pair.

Then when it ended, i had lunch with Joyce, at the Curve, where we went for a movie. Finally saw the much anticipated Jumper movie, not bad i must say, but not fantastically fabulous, just not bad. Worth paying the money to catch it in the theaters.

Moved on to have coffee later on when it ended, followed by pancakes, god. Im getting fat, haven't been gymming for almost 3 weeks now, i feel like a walrus. Coffee in Paddington's house of pancakes are uber deli-cious ! Had a bit of Joyce's affogato, and i had an iced mocha, well we shared some pancakes, not to say share, but i ordered a plate and force fed her a bit, 1/3 to be precise, if im getting fatter, everyone else should too.

Sent that lady home after our coffee session, then i headed for a massage. Deep tissue traditional Thai massage for 1 and a half hours, oh god. It felt good. Went home, showered, and then headed out to dinner with some friends, had Mac Donalds, then we headed to frangi to meet up with some friends and drinks. Yes, i drank too much, and i only can take lil bits of alcohol, or else.........no you guys wouldn't want to know what would happen to me. But i was spastic as usual, laughing at people, especially when this dude showed up in a wheelchair. I laughed my head off, yes im evil, im sorry people.

Yeah, it was fun, too crowded though, hate crowds. Moved to a mamak later on at about 2-ish? almost 3? yeah then i sent a friend home, and now im home myself. Well, after washing off my mineral clay mask that is. Hahahaha, i know, it's such a self pampering day. I love it. Well, then....im off to bed. See ya folks, i loved my day. It was fun ! haha

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Ushering the new year with cupcakes? yumzies. [Thursday
February 7th, 2008 at 4:42am]
[ mood | grateful ]

Insanely, i made cupcakes again yesterday, yes, started at 3am, and i ended up finishing at about 7-ish. God, i made so many i could feed a little village in Ghanna. Yeah, it has been a while since i baked anything, not utilizing the full capacity of my oven just seems wasted in an odd sense. I'm peculiar, ignore me. This time i made the same ol' chocolate cupcakes, but i misplaced my measuring tools, and i ended up having to convert cups into grams. The recipe turned out a tad bit odd, but surprisingly good, nevertheless. Of course, whatever i bake is good. Haha, i kid. The batter turned out to be kinda thick, almost icing like instead of gooey and wattery. It was almost as though the batter was the icing.

Yeah, this time i made double chocolate hershey cupcakes with chocolate chips, frosted with buttercream. Well, red and white icing since it was chinese new year, i wanted to actually make it orange and red, but i thought it would be a lil bit too glaring, plus, if i added a green it would have turned out to be a traffic light cupcake.

So i made some for my staffs at Dockers, and i piped out the first letter of their names on the cupcake. Oh god, im such a good manager, where else on earth can you find someone like me? who will make the working environment such a fun place to be? lolz. So yes, come work at Dockers, and you can have cakes once in a while made by 'yours truly'. Hahahaha, and made some for my friends, and more friends, lol. Here are the pictures, brace yourself people.

Filling the cupcake papers with chocolate chips !

Thick batter like i told ya, looks a bit meringue-ish, don't you agree?

Fresh, hot out of the oven.

I don't know why i choose this design, but it turned out quite nice, haha.

From above.

For my staff. They are awesome people i must say.

Yeah, so i brought it to work earlier on today, it was gone in a couple of minutes. I somehow ended up promising them a carrot cake frosted with cream cheese one of these days, sigh. The things i get myself into. Hahahaha. Well then, Chinese New Year just commenced 4 hours and 15 minutes ago. I hope all you guys have a great year. The year of the RAT ! Peter Pettigrew is still disgusting by the way, irregardless it being his year, hahaha. I shall update one chinese new year dinner soon-ish. Till, then take care everyone. Collect lots of ang pows, and gamble with all your heart, and remember to give me half your winnings. I'm so in the mood right now for a mandarin orange. Gong Xi, Gong Xi.

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Stalker part 2 [Tuesday
February 5th, 2008 at 3:23am]
[ mood | enraged ]

That persistent freak Mr. X came back to the shop today. I'm scared. Urgh.....i hate him. I came in the shop today after going to the loo to pee. Then my staff started laughing again and i was like,

Me : What? why you all laughing ?
Staff : Your Mr. X admirer came back.
Staff : He just left, about 2 minutes when you came in.
Me : What does he want this time?
Staff : His button on his pants burst again, so he brought it back in to re-sew it.
Me : WHAT !! Is he that fucking fat till it burst? again?
Supervisor : I think he cut the button himself, because it is a clean cut, you can see the threads all in one line, and it's not by accident this time, i think.
Me : So that idiot cut the button off?
Supervisor : I think most probably, because i have been a seamstress for so long, i can roughly tell.
Supervisor : I think he likes you la Jon.
Me : Well, i hate him. I wish he was dead.
Supervisor : So bad la you Jon!
Me : I hate him and this isn't funny la wei.
Supervisor : Well, he is scary la, cutting his own button so he can come back to fix it.
Me : The next time this happens, charge him to sew the button back on.
Supervisor : Yeah, i will. So you better go out in a while before he comes back.
Me : URGH ! so, did he ask for me again?
Staff : Yeah, he did. He asked where are you.
Me : What did you say?
Staff : I said you are not in, you went out.
Me : What time will he be coming back?
Staff : In about an hour's time.
Me : Ok, I'll go out in 45 minutes time to take my break. *foul language flying here and there*

45 minutes passes.

Me : Ok guys, i'm going to my safe sanctuary now, bye !
Staff : Okay, see ya later.

30 seconds passes

Mr. X : JONATHAN !!! *shouts from across the other store about 3 blocks away*
Me : Fuck this asshole *puts on iPod, blasts it at max volume, Walk faster, and pretends i didn't see anything, or hear anything*

1 minute passes

Me : Can i get one Caramel Macchiato, please, grande size. Thanx.

2 hours passes [back at the shop]

Me : Hey guys, i think that freak shouted my name just now damn loud, i pretended i didn't hear anything
Staff : Yeah, he came in complaining about you.
Me : What? what did he say?
Staff : He said that you ignored him and kept on walking.
Me : Yeah, i did. I didn't see him, but i heard him shouting my name, it's fucking embarrassing.
Staff : Yeah, then he kept on asking what is wrong with you, why did you keep on walking when he shouted your name.
Me : Because he's a freak that's why ! That asshole is stupid is it?
Staff : *laughs loudly*
Me : Seriously man, it's not funny at all.
Staff : Yeah la, it's quite scary. He was going on and on about why you didn't answer to him when he called your name, and you looked so arrogant and walked on.
Me : Haiyo, i hope he dies la, seriously, i don't give a shit about him. Let him fall down the escalator when he's on the way here next time. I will laugh at his corpse.
Staff : So bad la you.
Me : I don't care ! he's a freak. I'm going to ask him what's his problem the next time if i bump into him.
Staff : Yeah, yeah i think you better do that.

OH GOD ! Can you guys believe it, he shouted my damn name so loud across the mall when he saw me. I just kept on walking, and walking, and walking. With my iPod, after the first "JONATHAN" echoing through out the centre court on the first floor. I'm pretty sure all the cleaning people know my name now, and random strangers. He dares to complain about me ignoring him? can't he understand why !

Why is he so stupid? i'm getting very fucking annoyed with this dude. Mr. X go away ! Leave me be !

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